Dee Dee| 20| Tehas| Female

I cosplay, act, make videos, currently trying to write a book, and I'm co-founder of Lost In Wonderland Cosplay. I'm friendly I get along with people easily. I hate stupid. I love anime, manga, J-pop, K-pop, and other random shit.

I love The Avengers, Harry Potter, The Lorax, Supernatural, and tea. I really enjoy other things I'm jus too lazy. x'D Please follow me and reblog my little obsessions.


‘who’s that on your phone wallpaper?’ dONT WORRY



Yer Chip Sklark aren’t ye?

Yes except I’m more handsome.

kanyegg asked: daniel how come u look like a nerd


Oh no, my beautiful blinding smile has destroyed your perception of awesome dudes, and now they all look like nerds…….


I’m…so sorry….. This face is a blessing, but it is also a curse…



The last picture is the face of fear.

no that last picture is him wondering if he had a kid without knowing it

Anonymous asked: can you give us a picture of your hair in a turner quiff, please?


Hold on lemme get my jacket

Okay. Here.